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At Any Price

I went to see AT ANY PRICE, the latest film by the very talented Iranian-American director Ramin Bahrani. Starring Dennis Quaid as an Iowan farm owner and seed salesman, the film depicts his struggles with modern agribusiness, family and his own conscience. It is an excellent performance, and the entire film is suffused with timely observations of American farmland culture and the tenacious grip that GMO seed corporations hold over it. Mr. Bahrani’s earlier films such as MAN PUSH CART and GOODBYE SOLO were wonderfully realized portraits of modern life, and I am happy to see his high standards are in effect here with this larger canvas and name cast. Zak Efron also stars as Quaid’s son, and little by little I see a human behind his pretty face. Clancy Brown is also present as a rival farmer, and is particularly moving in one scene. I will leave you to see the film for yourselves, and see what I mean.

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