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A lowly housepainter, despairing of his current state, ventures away from civilization and into the surrounding wilderness. He looks back at his past and prepares for an uncertain future while the forces of darkness and banality close in upon him. Will he find enlightenment in the untamed world, or will he succumb to madness?

This film was started in 2000 and has finally been brought to completion in January 2012. It has been a long and often daunting journey, but now at last it can be shown to you, the viewing audience.

Written and Directed by: Dane Webster
Starring: Dane Cansdale Webster
Produced by: Dane Webster and James Fazzaro
Photographed and Edited by: James Fazzaro
Music Composed by: Stuart Dahlquist

Shot on Kodak Super 8 Plus X and Tri X filmstocks on a Canon 1014 XLS camera

Edited on Newtek VT5 and Speededit software

Film to Video Transfer: Cinepost
Sound Post: Levi Seitz, Blackbelt Mastering

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