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So Furfright went very well!

I got back a few days ago, and have been busily posting up pics and journals on other sites. As this is the latest webpage I’ve opened up I’m still rather slow in updating here, but eventually I will have worked it into my overall internet scheme.

Here are some links to my photos and writeups on Facebook:

I’ll add more, maybe, but this is everything that needs to be seen so far!

So it looks like I have some sort of website…

Hello all! My brother Mike started me up here on wordpress as a birthday present, which was very kind and generous of him!

I will be using this site to showcase my photography, costume and makeup effects projects, and post links to film projects that are finished or are works in progress.

Not much to show here so far, it may take me a while to get truly organized. I spend enough time on other sites that this one will have a lot of catching up to do!

In the meantime, you can find me on facebook as James Fazzaro, or check out my more fanciful alter egos on Look for MaxCarotski and DuskySam there, both have posted numerous photos and journals and have been looking to carve a name for themselves in the furry fandom. Max’s brother Dax and Dusky Sam will be appearing live in the flesh at Furfright in CT this upcoming weekend, October 13-16, I should like to think they will enjoy themselves and meet new friends out in the real world!

James F