This Is The End

I went to see THIS IS THE END, which seems to have resurfaced in theatres after first appearing earlier this summer. I’m kind of glad it came back, as I certainly laughed a lot. Seth Rogen and the gang hole up at James Franco’s house during an impending apocalypse, and as all hell breaks loose around them they squabble over food, survival and other stupid shit. Craig Robinson is quite good, able to be obscene yet sympathetic, and Danny McBride’s crass boarishness is always a pleasure (?) to watch. Channing Tatum has a very brief and hilarious cameo near the end, and Michael Cera shows how big a scumbag he really is (herf). Lots of gigantic demon wang on display, not sure how that happened, and the end was quite crass and self-congratulatory, which seems to suit this film just fine. Fun while I was there, not sure I’ll remember much by tomorrow. Except for Tatum, bleh heh heh! (Watch, and you’ll see!)

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