You’re Next

Genre double bill at the Carmike! Part 2: YOU’RE NEXT

I followed up with this effectively brutal and brutish film about a well to do family that holds a reunion at a remote country estate. Things go bad fast when masked home invaders start to pick them off one by one. Luckily, Erin, the girlfriend of one of the siblings (Sharni Vinson, tough and resourceful) knows how to take care of things, and does just that.

I can safely say that aside from Erin pretty much no one in the film is sympathetic, likeable, or remotely fascinating on any level other than as blood spurting vessels of self-entitlement, hate or sociopathic indifference. Do not let this rule out seeing the film! I rarely see stalker/slasher films this well handled or suspenseful. The 80s synthesizer soundtrack is delicious and hit all of my buttons. The bloodshed was copious and cleverly executed.

This film also did lousy at the box office this past weekend, so go check this one out too. At least for the ending, which had me howling with wildly inappropriate laughter. And for all of it, for those into the horror scene.

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