I followed that up with Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS in 3D. I will say now that the projection was rather dark, and I will likely revisit this film at an IMAX screen down the line. Visually it is quite impressive, as expected. Thematically it tackles a lot of subjects, often adequately, often banally. The script is the weakest link here, it feels like a first draft from a pair of amateur theorists. What was needed was to have a master thinker really sink his/her teeth into the material, which is an impossible wish of course.

I’m glad I saw it, don’t get me wrong, and the film really picks up halfway through when the horror kicks in. It was a treat to see Michael Fassbender as the android David, he is easily the most thoughtful and fascinating character here. The other actors are solid enough, they just have less interesting characters to essay. It ends on an open ended note, and to be honest I’d REALLY love to see what David and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) find on their future explorations.

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